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In 2017, the United States was gripped by a drought, with some states, like Arizona and California, suffering from record-low water levels.

As the Great Plains flooded, millions of people were forced to leave their homes and go to work.

Star Wars fans across the country began flooding the internet with tweets about their homes being flooded and asking if their homes were under water.

In the weeks following, fans and celebrities began tweeting about the flood and the flood of water.

People from across the US and beyond flooded their Twitter feeds with flood alerts, videos and photos, in an effort to prepare for the inevitable.

One of the biggest social media accounts to hit the streets was Star Wars fandom’s favorite fan, @davidharry_, who was one of the first people to post about the flooding.

In his first tweet, he shared the photo of his flooded house, with the caption: I live in Arizona, so it’s kinda nice to have a nice home.

As of this writing, the tweet has been retweeted more than 7 million times.

The next day, he tweeted: @danielharry it’s getting dark and it’s time to go.

A flood warning was issued for the city of Phoenix, which has a population of approximately 9.4 million.

But not everyone was feeling the effects of the flooding, as some fans were tweeting that they were already living in their homes.

David Haye was one fan who didn’t believe he was going to be home for a while, as his tweets and photos showed him flooded out and in his own home.

A day after his flood warnings were issued, he received a message on Twitter, telling him to check in on his flooded home: @DavidHarry_ @DisneyHQ_ @davidshenry @Disney HQ is flooded.

Just checked in and I am in the middle of getting out.

I have a little bit of a headache and can barely function but I am okay and the house is okay.

Haye didn’t even have time to get out of bed before he received the first email about his flooded property.

He quickly replied with a video message telling his story, explaining that he was a “star Wars fan and I live and work in Arizona,” adding that he wanted to share his story with people who may not have had the luxury of being able to evacuate their homes due to the flooding: @Disney_HQ @daveharry @dawnmckenna @DisneyNews_DCA I was a Star Wars fan, and I lived and work at Disney HQ, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s currently raining and I can’t even get out my car to get my house safe.

@Disney @davedanielhayes The next morning, Haye received a notification on Twitter of his property being flooded.

Hayes house flooded, and he had to stay in the house to keep his waterproof.

He told Newsweek that his home is “under water right now.”

It’s not clear what caused the flood, but it seems like Hayes property was not the only one to experience flooding.

The first message that came across the screen of David Hayes phone was from his neighbor.

“My house is under water right here in Arizona.

We have been getting flood warnings for a long time,” he wrote.

“I have a boat and we’re going to have to go fishing and I think we’ll be OK.”

Other messages from other homeowners in his area appeared to indicate that they had also received flooding warnings, as well.

“We had a warning on our house, so we’re not going to take it anymore.

We are in the water.

And I have water in my yard and it looks like it’s going to get worse.

My house is underwater and I have to put the house on a concrete slab so it won’t float,” wrote one homeowner on Twitter.

Others said that they saw other homes that had flooded, while others were flooded out completely.

As a result, many people were left without homes or power.

Some people went to their neighbors homes to check on them, hoping that they could be saved from flooding.

Others did not feel safe leaving their homes, which was what happened to David Hayne.

David was among the first to report the flood to the Phoenix Police Department.

They sent an officer to his home and requested the home be searched for signs of flooding.

“Our officer checked in with the property owner and asked him to get the property searched for any signs of flood water,” Sgt. Ryan Tipton told Newsweek.

Hayne and his wife were able to get their property searched, and the water was cleared.

But Hayne did not have any power or water when he went to check it out.

He did not immediately notify authorities, who were waiting on the property to be cleared.

David told Newsweek he was left wondering why he was still living in his home, which had


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