Fence Installation Process|fencing Process

The construction process is so long that it requires workers to be paid, which in India can be prohibitive. 

It also costs more money than a concrete fence. 

And there’s not much time to finish it. 

As the city of Jaipur in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh prepares to construct a fencing project, a group of students are protesting the construction process and the fact that they’ll be spending hours to complete the job. 

“We’re going to build a fence and have no idea what to do with it,” one of the students, Arvind Kumar, told PTI. 

The students are demanding that the construction start from Monday and finish on the last day of August. 

This is a big issue in the region. 

We’re not even able to finish a fence.

They (the government) should be providing us with basic infrastructure, he added. 

Students and their teachers have been protesting for months about the construction of the Jaipurs fencing project in Uttar Pradesh.

“We have to build the fence on the first day.

But we will not be able to complete this project until the second day, because it will be a construction job.

So we have to start from the second and finish the construction at the last minute,” said Arvind, who has been working as a labourer in the project since September.

The construction has become so complicated that the students are not even allowed to sleep on the floor, he said. 

Arvind’s group of about 60 students has decided to join the protests because they are angry over the fact the government has not given any money to the construction company. 

Since they are working in the middle of a war, they are facing the possibility of being fired from their jobs. 

They want the government to provide them with some money to finish the job, he explained.

The students have been working since September and will continue to work till August.

But there are no other jobs available in the city. 

A few months ago, the construction started in Jaipure and they were not paid.

They are working as labourers and they have no salary. 

So they have started protesting against the construction and demanding the government give them some money.

Since they have not received any money, they decided to start the protest. 

Meanwhile, a senior police officer told PTI that the project has started and the workers are expected to start work on Sunday.

The workers are being paid Rs 20,000 a day, and are being given two days off on Saturday and Sunday to complete their work, he further added.


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