Fence Installation Process|fencing Process

A gardaí in Dublin has said he was “just so excited” to receive a photo processing guard from a Garda in Donegal.

Gardaí at the Garda National Forensic Unit (GNUF) in Dublin’s Dublin district were tipped off last month that a photo-processing fence was at risk of falling over during an alleged incident involving a young woman in Donega, County Tyrone.

Gordan O’Connor said he had never seen a fence as high as the one he was given.

He said it was “a very powerful and big fence, maybe 200cm tall”.

“I was standing there with my hand up and I saw that a guard had just been brought over and that I was going to get a guard,” he said.

“I thought ‘this is incredible’.”

Gardai with a photo processor.

Source: Facebook/GardaiscooperationGordon said he didn’t realise how much of a security risk it would be.

He has been contacted by Gardai in Donegagong and said the guard has been “taken care of”.

“The garda [in Donegal] has been very understanding,” he added.

Gordon O’Sullivan, the GNUF’s regional director, said the incident had been handled professionally by the Gardai.

“There was no risk to the public or the garda service.

The guard has all the necessary training and equipment,” he told News24.”

We have all the equipment we need to secure the fence and there is nothing to indicate that any damage to the fence has occurred.”

Gardasí were notified of the fence problem on October 27.

“This was a serious incident and we acted quickly to provide a high-security guard to ensure that the fence remained secure,” Mr O’Reilly said.

“It has been a stressful and stressful week and I am thankful that the Gardasí have handled this well.”

Garragh O’Dowd, Donegal county director of the Anti-Racism Network (ARSN), said he and the gardai had not been contacted regarding the incident.

“It was never discussed, and we never had any idea about it, apart from the fact that the gardas were on the phone with one of the gardaní on the scene,” he explained.

“That garda did not know anything about the fence at the time.

He was just passing on information.”

Gates are required to have “sufficient security” and guards have been “very professional”, Mr ODowds said.

Garragher O’Brien, the Donegal County executive, said it had been “a difficult week” for garda officials and the local community.

“On Monday, it was reported that the guard had been injured in a car accident and we were contacted by the local Garda Commissioner and Gardaí who were very helpful,” he recalled.

“Unfortunately, we have a very long working relationship with the Gardaget and it is very important for us that our security is maintained.

We are all in a state of shock at the incident.”

Gargagh OBrien, Donega County Garda.

Source : News24/Press Association


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