Fence Installation Process|fencing Process

By the end of April, California’s first fence project had been completed.

The state had set aside $10 million to build the $70 million fence on the northern end of the Mojave Desert, but the rest of the $10.5 million would be used to complete other projects in the state.

The first fence is currently in place. 

The construction site of the fence in the Mojauian desert, California, April 15, 2020.

The fence is visible in this aerial view. 

When completed, the fence will be able to protect more than 12 million acres of land, according to a press release. 

One of the biggest problems that has arisen in the fence project has been the number of fence posts.

In many places, there are hundreds of fenceposts built and removed. 

There are about 300,000 fenceposts in the United States. 

This fence post on a dirt road in Nevada, Nevada, January 3, 2021. 

Fence posts have been a problem in the construction of fences across the United Kingdom, as well. 

In the UK, the government has estimated that there are over 500,000 posts around the country. 

According to the Department for Transport, there will be roughly 2,300,000 fences in the UK by the end. 

If the project was completed, it would be the largest construction project in the country to date, but it would take many years for construction to complete. 

Even if the project is completed, there is a risk that the fence can break or crumble under the weight of thousands of people. 

“If we don’t get the fence up and running, we’ll have a lot of damage to the environment,” said Andrew Meeks, director of the Bureau of Land Management. 

Aerial view of the construction site in the Nevada desert, Nevada. 

At the end, the state expects to have completed the fence and had its first batch of fencing in place, according the press release from the BLM.

The agency is hoping to build a second fence, which will be constructed on a smaller scale and protected with fencing that is stronger and more resistant to the elements. 

On April 14, 2018, the Nevada Department of Transportation held a ceremony at the site where the fence was built, to announce that the state was on track to have its first fence completed by the middle of the year. 

After the ceremony, the public was able to walk through the fence. 

Photo: John Locher/The Desert Sun/Handout via REUTERS


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