Fence Installation Process|fencing Process

An outbreak of flu has forced the closure of several Maharashtra schools, as the state’s primary school population is expected to be in a state of emergency due to the pandemic.

The Maharashtra government is working to install fencing on all of its 1.7 million acres, including the state-run primary schools, and to build a fence along the river banks, officials said.

“This is a major step, but the work is not finished yet,” said Rajesh Vaidya, director of the state education department.

“The work is going on.

It will be completed by December next year.

We have already taken a decision to close all the primary schools.

We are moving quickly and it will be done in a day or two.”

The fencing, a combination of concrete and glass panels, will cover about 40% of the district’s total land area, including most of the villages and surrounding area.

A fence will be erected in each of the schools and will be installed at the first hurdle.

Officials said the fence will also be attached to the school’s water source and will act as a barrier to prevent waterborne infections.

“It is going to be a total fencing, with fencing panels, but there will be no fencing on the riverbanks,” said a senior school official, requesting anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to the media.

The official said fencing panels were being installed at four of the 10 primary schools in the district.

Officials said fencing was being installed to prevent a potential spread of the flu that has swept through the state.

The state government has identified five areas in which it is planning to install more fencing, officials added.

The school fencing is part of a campaign to prevent the spread of influenza by fencing off all public places in Maharashtra, including public parks and public places where people gather for recreation, according to the state government.

The fencing is being done by the state public health department.

There were more than 1,400 reported cases of influenza in Maharashtra last week, the highest figure in the country.

The number of confirmed cases is expected rise to about 500 by mid-November.

The state government said fencing will be removed at the schools where there is an outbreak of the virus.

“Fencing will be put up in the schools.

This is a mandatory task.

This work is being carried out by the State Health Service (SHS) and the Maharashtra Health Services.

The task is being coordinated by the Public Health Agency of India,” a senior official told The Times Of India.

The officials said that fencing will also cover the riverbank where people congregate.


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