Fence Installation Process|fencing Process

This is a recurring story that we will tackle frequently in this series.

We will touch on the basic technique of fence staking, and how it’s used to protect a team.

The basic technique used to fence-stake a team is to use a piece of paper or plastic, such as a fence post, that’s placed between two opposing fences.

Once two opposing gates are placed, the gate to the right side of the team will be set, while the gate at the bottom of the field will be open.

As a team advances the field and the gate opens, the opposing team’s team-mate will have to wait a moment before they can enter the gate.

This allows both teams to see the fence as they move towards the fence.

A good team that’s ahead will also be able to see what gate is currently open and which one they are currently on, allowing them to adjust accordingly.

With this technique, a team has the ability to effectively control a fence, which allows them to keep their opponent on the back foot.

However, fences can be staked at any time, and there are many different ways a team can fence-stall their opponent. 

If a team’s gate is open and a gate to a gate is closed, the two teams will both be in control of the gate in question.

If the gate is empty, however, then it will be controlled by the opposing gate.

If there are no opposing gates, then the opposing gates will not control the gate, as they are in the middle of the fields.

If the gates are closed, a fence will be created between the two gates, with the gate closest to the opposing player having to go through the gate of the nearest player.

This creates an opening for the opposing players to attack the gate or fence, forcing them to take a step forward to take the gate down.

One of the best ways to fence a team and keep them in the game is by placing a flag on the fencepost. 

The flag can either be placed above the gateposts or below the gates.

Here’s how it works. 

Once both opposing gates have been set up, a flag can be placed on top of the fence posts.

An additional flag can also be placed at the top of both gates, giving the players on both sides of the two fences an opportunity to attack each other.

The first flag will be placed next to the gate posts and the second flag will go up in front of the gates in front. 

When a flag is placed at a gate, a small piece of wood will be added to the fence, to provide the two opposing teams with an opportunity for a sneak attack.

This allows the opposing teams to easily see which gate is the closest to them, and allow them to choose a suitable response. 

In this case, the second opponent will have the option to attack either the gate they are on or the fence closest to it. 

By simply stepping on either gate, the defending team can easily take the other gate, and the gates will be completely closed.

This also allows the defending teams to keep the gate open, allowing their opponent to slip by unnoticed.

After a successful sneak attack, the flag will automatically close the gate for the remaining team to attack.

While this may sound complicated, the technique can be quite simple to perform.

The only real tricky part is to make sure you’re not going to accidentally step on a fencepost, or your opponent will be able set off a flag or two in the process. 

For more information on the fencing and the fence-Staking Technique, check out our article on the topic.


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