Fence Installation Process|fencing Process

A lot of people in this country think that a fence is just a little bit of a fence.

But a new study from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has shown that fences are a powerful tool that can reduce property crime and improve the quality of life in Australia.

Key points: “Fences can be used to control a lot of crime, but they also work for a lot more than that” “Fence removal is expensive, it takes a lot to justify it” “Some people just don’t like fences” A team of researchers led by Dr Michelle Gervais at UNSW’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning have found that fences can reduce the amount of crime that occurs around our property, even if it’s a very small amount.

Dr Gervays research shows that the number of burglaries in Australia is on the rise.

The study looked at the number and type of burglars that happened in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, South Western Australia and New South Walsuth, and compared those with and without fences in the areas.

“There is an opportunity to use fencing to reduce the number or severity of crimes on our property,” Dr Gettas said.

“What we’ve done is we’ve taken that information and combined it with other evidence to show that the fence is effective.”

What the research shows: Dr Gergas’ team found that the more fences there are around a property, the less likely that property crime is to be committed.

“We’ve also found that we see a reduction in the severity of property crime in areas where fences are present, even in areas with a very high level of fencing,” she said.

Dr Michelle R. Gervas, a senior lecturer in architecture and urban design at UNSC.

Dr Gerras said that people with children or pets should keep fences away from their property, and that they should not use them as a means of “fence management”. “

But the reason why we’ve found that they can actually work is because they work very effectively as deterrents.”

Dr Gerras said that people with children or pets should keep fences away from their property, and that they should not use them as a means of “fence management”.

“We really need to understand why this is happening, and why this particular type of fence is being used, before we can say anything about why it works, and what could be done to reduce it further,” she added.

“If you want to keep a fence around your property and reduce crime in your community, we would recommend you keep a very, very large number of fences around your home, and don’t use them to manage property crime.”

Dr Raghav Kumar from UNSW said the study was “interesting and useful”.

“The main thing that we’ve learned from this research is that fences actually work for lots of different types of crime,” he said.

The researchers used data from the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency and the Victorian Police crime survey, which showed that fences were not associated with a significant increase in property crime.

“The fence-related crime was just associated with property damage, so that may be something that is more likely to increase when there’s fencing around a house rather than to decrease,” Dr Kumar said.

What you need to know about: Why is a fence necessary?

“It’s important to remember that fences, like many other barriers, do not deter crime, they simply act as a barrier that stops someone from being able to get onto your property,” he added.

Dr R. Kumar said that the best way to reduce property crimes is to “focus on what actually is going on in your neighbourhood” rather than focusing on what fences are doing.

“For example, we’ve seen that fencing can reduce crime, particularly crime in low-income areas, where the people that are at risk are the people with the least means,” he explained.

“It can also be an effective way of preventing property crime when you don’t have fences around the house, but where people are using it.”

“We’re actually not saying that fencing is always the best deterrent, but we think that fences work very well in this situation.”

How to manage your fence: The research shows a positive correlation between fences and property crime, so what can you do to reduce crime?

“You can reduce fencing by taking steps to reduce what is actually going on around your house,” Dr Rangam said.

This includes using the same type of fencing around your building as your neighbours, including fences on the outside of your house, and fencing around all areas of your property.

“You need to also understand what kind of crime is going to occur in your area,” he advised.

“And if you have children, you should take the same steps that you would for a child to secure your property against any type of crime.”

The study is published in the Journal of Applied Urban Research.

Dr Julia Wray is a research fellow at UNSA and the author of the book The Rise and Fall


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