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It’s been a long, long time since the internet was the hot new topic of conversation.

But it looks like a lot of cities are trying to figure out a way to stop criminals from using the internet.

This week, the U.S. Senate approved a bill that would create a new type of federal oversight for the internet, specifically for cities that want to create their own regulatory structure for the technology.

It also calls for new rules for cities like Philadelphia, where it will be up to the mayor to set the city’s online privacy rules.

“The internet is our main way of connecting people,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., during a hearing on the bill earlier this week.

“It is what makes our economy vibrant, what makes us innovative and what makes people more successful.

We need to make sure that we’re protecting that for the American people.”

The bill, dubbed the Digital Freedoms Act, would require states to set up a system for digital privacy, as well as create guidelines for companies that use the internet for advertising, content, or commerce.

The bill also directs the Department of Commerce to review the privacy of online commerce and make recommendations to Congress.

The federal government already has a list of cybersecurity standards for businesses and other organizations.

“We’re going to have to make some pretty tough choices here,” Klobuchear said.

“It’s very important to us that the internet be safe and secure, and we need to protect it,” Klabuchar added.

“I’m very concerned about the fact that we have a technology that we all rely on.

It’s a great platform for commerce, but we need privacy and security in that.”

It’s not the first time the Senate has tried to rein in the tech industry.

Last year, the House passed a bill called the Cybersecurity Act of 2016, which included a provision to require tech companies to create cybersecurity policies and regulations.

The Senate is expected to vote on the Cyber Security Act this week, but Klobach and others in her party are calling for the bill to be brought to the floor for debate and action.

“If the Senate can get through its own version of the CyberSec Act and pass it, we’re confident that we can make sure we protect Americans from cyber-attacks,” Klaberch said.

“The CyberSec act does not contain any provisions for digital security.

We are very clear that we want to have the best privacy practices possible, but that doesn’t mean we have to create the laws and regulations that will actually protect consumers.”

The Cybersecurity bill is just one of several bills Kloboch and Klabach are pushing to prevent the rise of new forms of surveillance, including the “metadata” collection and sharing of personal information collected by the National Security Agency.

“When it comes to digital security, we can’t have both surveillance and security,” Kloberch said in an interview with Recode last year.

“What we’re going through right now is a complete violation of our rights.

We’re just going to go ahead and let this happen.”

The internet has been the target of a lot more surveillance since the Edward Snowden revelations in 2013, when he leaked the details of NSA surveillance programs.

Privacy advocates say the information the NSA collects is used to target innocent individuals, but they also point out that this type of spying isn’t necessarily limited to just foreign nationals.

“Every day we hear about this new technology, we have more and more questions about how it’s being used and why it’s not being used properly,” said Klobud.

“People are concerned about their personal data being sold to foreign powers, or that it’s just being collected for advertising purposes.”

The latest legislation from the Senate and House would also help cities protect against cybersecurity threats, but it’s likely to face a more uphill battle in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

A bill to create a cybersecurity oversight committee to oversee the internet and other sectors has been in the works for years.

The committee is supposed to work in concert with the House, Senate, and Department of Homeland Security, but its creation has been stalled.

“They’re very conservative in their views,” said Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, who chairs the House committee.

“And I’m very disappointed in their inability to move this along.”

Rep. Adam Schiff, D of California, who represents a city that’s been fighting back against the NSA’s efforts to collect private data on residents, said he hopes the CyberSecurity Act will eventually be reintroduced to the House.

“There’s a lot that’s still unknown about how this legislation is going to be implemented,” Schiff said.


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